Mysterious Montana

Mysterious Montana

Exotic dancer Montana interview Tawny Peaks for the July 1993 edition of SCORE (Volume 2 Number 4). She met Tawny when both girls were photographed on Sanibel Island, Florida. This famous tourist destination was devastated by Hurricane Ian in October, 2022.

The pretty redhead liked watching football, visiting amusement parks and reading when she wasn't on stage at strip clubs around the States shaking her big tits at the crowd. Her first SCORE pictorial was published in May 1994. Tawny was the covergirl of that issue. In 2022, Demmy Blaze recreated Tawny's cover for a video and photo set at SCORELAND for SCORE's 30th Anniversary celebration.

This photo set could be Montana's signature pictorial. It's definitely her best-remembered, if we go by the fan mail that came in. It was published in February 1995 SCORE and the editor's copy announced that Montana was pursuing a career in radio broadcasting while she danced in local clubs around Minneapolis.
Featuring: Montana
Date: November 12th, 2022
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