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Niki Knockers & SaRenna Lee: Beauties With Big Tits

Featuring: SaRenna Lee and Niki Knockers
Date: August 17th, 2019
Photos: 55
Although mainly a soloist, Niki Knockers did a few girl-girl scenes paired off with SaRenna Lee, Chrissy Lynn Peaks and Traci Topps respectively. The stage was her main interest, beginning in 1989. In the 1990s, TV talk shows such as Jerry Springer, Richard Bey and Jenny Jones were filled with large-breasted dancers but we don't recall Niki being a guest on any of them. Niki had a lot of friends on the national strip club circuit. All of the girls knew her and she knew them. When the New York club and big-bust showplace Flashdancers threw their annual Xmas week party, Niki would join Casey James, Alyssa Alps and other stars. Today's webcam girls who sit in their bedrooms online all day have no concept of the action back then. Although she was offered many club dates overseas, Niki turned them all down, preferring to keep her stage shows within the USA. She enjoyed dancing and meeting people. Being in a different city every week was an experience she loved.

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