Bathing Busty

Niki Knockers was called "The quiet big bust superstar" by one of the editors of SCORE.

She had no website (although, she did have a mail order fan club), shot few videos and rarely did public appearances at any adult expos. We asked her to join us on the Boob Cruise but she declined in her nice way. The stage was her thing and she traveled the country.

Niki was always highly respected and admired for her professionalism by her peers, by club managers and her fans. She spent a lot of time creating new shows and collecting very expensive, custom-made costumes created by Boston's Pat Manzo, a specialist in burlesque and showgirl clothing.

This is a very early set of a smaller-breasted Niki, shot in 1989.
Featuring: Niki Knockers
Date: February 17th, 2024
Photos: 50

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