Diamond Doll

When Nikki Diamond modeled for SCORE from 2000 to 2003, she was living and dancing in New Orleans. At the time, she said she loves the party atmosphere of the city. Nikki also told us that a friend of hers jokingly called her "titty dancer trash." Nikki said she's going to live up to that image.

Nikki often entered exotic dancer contests the clubs sponsored. One of the titles she won was Miss Nude Southern USA 2000. The towering bra-buster, standing 5'8" in bare feet, was a Budweiser spokesmodel at one time.

Big-boobed strippers were ratings-magnets during the era of the TV talk shows. Nikki was one of the guests on the Jenny Jones episode called "I Got No Shame, 'Cuz My Chest Gives Me Game!" which aired on November 2, 2000. The girls had to be made of tough stuff to go on these shows because the howling audiences were eager to rip them to shreds. Appearing with Nikki were Dawn Stone, Maxi Mounds and Kristy, a professional dominatrix sporting gigantic boobs.
Featuring: Nikki Diamond
Date: August 11th, 2022
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1 year ago 

Her nice fabulous platinum blonde short-cut hair, her shapely ball-shaped natural big tits accompanied by huge light brown areola, and her thick, fleshy meaty erotic labia that can make good pussy butterfly . Especially her burgundy colored vaginal walls (Photo24, 25, 26).
She's a really nice girl.

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