An Au Pair With a Beautiful Pair of Tits

An Au Pair With a Beautiful Pair of Tits

One of the SCORE photographers in London is credited with finding Ona. He saw her shopping at a market and approached her. Discovering models by chance is not uncommon. Valory Irene was spotted window-shopping in a mall. Via Paxton was approached by a reader in a book store.

"Ona is an au pair," Steve told the editor of SCORE magazine in 1995. "She goes to school in London and lives with an English family. She cooks, cleans and looks after the kids. She had on this white T-shirt that was pushed way out so I eventually asked her if she could use a little extra spending money because I look for models with her kind of figure and looks."

It doesn't always work out so well when in search of girls. This time, the approach led to success. As far as we know, Ona returned to Berlin and didn't model again after her time at SCORE.
Featuring: Ona
Date: June 13th, 2020
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