Ona Was Girlfriend Material

Ona Was Girlfriend Material

This photo set of Ona was published in July 2000 Voluptuous, several years after she originally modeled for SCORE in London. Magazine editors used to stash photo sets when they had a surplus, knowing that one day they would need to find the right set and the right girl for that proverbial rainy day. These photos of Ona came in handy for the magazine's editor when he was preparing that issue. As always, Ona had that happy-go-lucky expression that was very inviting.

Readers and web members sometimes request we find a model from an earlier time and photograph her again. There are a few reasons we don't usually do that. The main reason is that it's almost always better to remember a girl the way she looked when she was young and in full bloom and not the way she looks now. There are exceptions, of course, such as Haley Hills aka Tabatha Jordan, whom we photographed again after close to 20 years.

"You never know about girls," wrote one of our editors. "Some keep on posing;…
Featuring: Ona
Date: January 21st, 2023
Photos: 67

Member Comments

2 weeks ago 
Her long bilateral minor labia are very erotic and sexy with fine wrinkles.
Even better is the area where the upper edge of the bilateral labia minora
where it attaches to her large clitoris.
The exquisiteness of the area is no less than Linsey or Chloe Vevrier's pussy.
(Photo 21)
2 weeks ago 
As a lover of good pussy possessed by natural big-breasted beauties, I have printed out the close-up photos of her pussy in photos 21, 22 and photo 48 on the previous page in A3 size to be framed and displayed as a pin-up on my study wall. Ona then entered my favourite pussy collection.
One of the criteria for a good pussy for me is whether or not it can make big pussy butterflies, and in Ona's case the clitoris is also big and makes very beautiful pussy butterflies. But of course there are exceptions.
Linsey and Danni Ashe have very narrow minor labia (minor lips) and cannot make big pussy butterflies, but their pussies are the best of the best, and together with their boobs and faces they are the best of the best as women.
Ona, a naturally big-breasted beauty with a pretty face and beautiful skin, is no slouch either.
Score's masterpiece video "The Best Of Voluptuous 1&2" is a particular favourite of mine, but I often watch the beautiful Ona alongside Winona Lind, Sara Lee and Danni Ashe, and etc. You should definitely check out
Score Classics to put the uncensored version of her originals on their website and show us footage of her spreading her pussy wide open.
2 weeks ago 
What a beautiful pussy!
Beautiful pink pussy butterfly! 
Her clitoris is huge and her minor labia are meaty and large!
It is truly a fantastic pussy.

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