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From Banking To Busting Out

Featuring: Pandora Peaks
Date: August 31st, 2017
Photos: 64
Pandora Peaks was a banker when she decided to trade careers and lifestyles. "I really didn't need dancing," said Pandora. "I don't like to talk about money, but I was doing quite well at the time financially and professionally. I got into the adult business when I did some work for Playboy. They wanted professional women to be in their lingerie book and I thought it would be fun because at that stage of my life I was so stiff all the time. "You know, I wore the blue suit and all that stuff. It was really exciting, and I met some dancers who told me I should try dancing. One weekend I was ahead at the office, so I took the weekend off and danced! It was a thrill, and I received all of this attention. It gave me so much energy. Guys were handing me money like they were potato chips, but that wasn't important.

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