Peaks Of Perfection

Peaks Of Perfection

"I have to acknowledge that I don't smile that much in pictures," Pandora Peaks said in 1994. "I'm the 'ooh-ooh' girl. That's what everybody calls me."

"Now, when people meet me, they're timid because they think I'm going to be this real serious person, and that's not me. I'm funny, and easygoing. I don't have that Farrah Fawcett smile and I have pouty lips, but whenever I meet fans in clubs or out in the street, they always tell me, 'you have a nice smile' and I like that."

Everything about Pandora was sexy including her voice.

"Guys love those Southern accents, don't they? It's funny, because both of my parents talk pretty Southern. I don't want to call it a "twang," because there are all types, but it's more of a drawl. I still retain some of it, though. The accent's from Atlanta, Georgia, my home town. You know I was in London, and I think they have very sexy accents, too, although they don't realize it. They're into Americans over there."
Featuring: Pandora Peaks
Date: July 20th, 2017
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2 years ago 
Another favorite will always cumm back with Pandora's photos
Rocket loves making love with these photos of Pandora and her big beautiful boots so precious so squtalious always :) xoxo
4 years ago 
OMG just love Pandora's big beautiful boots fetish perfect Rocket is a big boot luv'n guy wood love those wrapped around my head go to the "Y" for a wonderful box lunch desert TOO and seconds so sweet :) xoxox
5 years ago 
wow the "fuck me boots" and big rack nice!

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