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Penny Porsche: Ultra-MILF

Featuring: Penny Porsche
Date: December 30th, 2021
Photos: 80
"I'm a squirter," Penny Porsche proudly said. "I squirt when I cum. And if you're fingering me and you get my G-spot with your fingers, that gets me going, or if you suck my clit really hard and fast and lick it with your tongue, that gets me going, too. And when I'm on top grinding down while your cock is penetrating me, that really gets me going. "And if you fuck me in the missionary position with my legs all the way back by my head, that gets me going, too. I call it the lockdown. I get the guy to lock his legs down when he sticks his cock in my pussy, and then he grinds up while he's fucking me. So instead of going up and down fucking me, in and out, he's going back and forth and grinding up and in. That really gets me going. I like when my pussy gets really wet.

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