She Had Plenty Uptopp

She Had Plenty Uptopp

She was born on Valentine's Day-February 14. The blonde bra-buster started her exotic dancing and modeling career in 1990 as Ashley Bust before changing her name to Sonnie Days. In 1997, she re-emerged as Plenty UpTopp.

She was high energy, bubbly and randy. There were times when Plenty wanted to talk about her ass, not her massive tits or hot legs. She was also a foot and shoe fetishist.

"It really is just all about worshipping my ass," Plenty said. "It's about my shoes and then it's all about my ass. The two things are just connected. If I'm naked and in a pair of high heels, where anybody else in the room needs to be is on their knees behind me with their face buried in my ass. And shoes that are this high generally put my ass at face height when you kneel.

"I can be having a terrible day and put on a pair of giant high heels and just feel fantastic. Naked in high heels. I never take my shoes off. Onstage, when I do a bath show, I leave my high heels on. If I bring a guy into my bedroom, I'll let him pick out a pair. I have shoes all over my house. My house couldn't be more like a strip club if I had a brass pole in the middle of it. There's neon. There's a bar. My house is pretty cool. I've spent a lot of time decorating it, and it really reflects my personality. There are shoes everywhere. I have mantles along the wall with high heels, so you could wander through my house and pick out your favorite pair of shoes. One of my favorite things to do if I'm starting to date somebody, to see where their head is at, is to let them pick out what I should wear."
Featuring: Plenty Uptopp
Date: May 13th, 2023
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11 months ago 

Great pussy shot!
Nice pussy butterflies!
The pulled and layered labia are erotic and fantastic!
You can also see the pussy black hall leading to her vaginal canal.
Best shot understandable of the pussy entrance structure as well.
(Photo 28)

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