Plenty UpTopp: The Wild One

Plenty UpTopp: The Wild One

Plenty UpTopp told the story about how she brought a date to watch her get fucked by pro stud Shawn in SCORE Xtra 4, but the guy fell asleep on a couch in the studio. Sounds crazy but it happened.

Plenty continued with her story about her combination fuck shoot and date with a new guy.

"So I did the scenes. You guys have all seen it. It rocked. Anyway, so he wakes up and I decided, 'Now I have to torture him with the video.' Right there in front of everybody. I said to him, 'You have to see the blowjob scene 'cause I'm particularly proud of it.' I'm a cocksucker, so I'm proud of it. Everyone needs to know what their skills are. I showed him the blowjob scene and we're making him watch it and backing it up in slow motion and we're like, 'Dude, that could have been you.' We were totally messing with him.

"The stud and I were going to do the boy-girl stills the next day for the magazine, so my date and I go back to the hotel and I'm flirting with this guy and he's freaked out because I just had sex with this guy he doesn't know and, of course, he doesn't know me. He thinks I'm a complete whore. We went back the next day and I made him sit through the whole still shoot this time. He was a complete voyeur about it. That was my craziest first date. It doesn't go much further than that. Kind of fizzles at the end. I never did have sex with him. But we're still friends."
Featuring: Plenty Uptopp
Date: September 14th, 2023
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