Rachel & Candy's Big Tit Lesbian Play

Rachel & Candy's Big Tit Lesbian Play

The photo shoot companion to Rachel Rocketts and Candy Cantaloupes' girl-on-girl video doesn't have any toy play or explicit pussy eat-outs. That's because the newsstand magazines of the '90s decade didn't publish explicit girl-girls or hardcore guy-girl photos. This was not due to a publisher's policy. This was a retailer and distributor policy.

Specialty hardcore magazines were sold but only in porn shops, not at newsstands and magazine stores. This restriction ended in the 2000s, although in some countries such as Japan, even pussy photos are still censored today.

Candy retired not long after this, making plans to go to college. Rachel is still dancing in Michigan. One of our readers spent some time with her at the club she dances in and said she's looking sexy and hot.

In 1998, Rachel briefly got involved in the World Wrestling Federation's "Parade of Human Oddities." She wore a shirt that read "Jackyl Me Off," a reference to Canadian commentator and former wrestler Donald…
Date: April 4th, 2019
Photos: 60

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