The Big-boobed Stripper in Gold Boots

The Big-boobed Stripper in Gold Boots

For a short time, Rachel Rocketts was a ring girl for the WWF. The only other SCORE Girl who was a ring girl for a wrestling group was Minka, aka Satin, for the short-lived Buffalo Wrestling Federation in Las Vegas. The last we knew (in 2016), Rachel was stripping at the Silver Criket in Dearborn, Michigan. (That's Criket, not cricket.)

This pictorial was published in October, 1995 SCORE. Rachel sailed on Boob Cruise 4 in March of 1998, the biggest Cruise of the five sailings and jampacked with 24 SCORE Girls. With so many superstars of big-bust on board, a guy might think there would be some catfighting, but all of the girls got on very well. Rachel was one of the dancers performing on the deck of the ship Star Clipper. For her horny nude shows on the ship, she'd pull two volunteers from the audience, a sequence that's on video in the movie Boob Cruise Paradise.
Featuring: Rachel Rocketts
Date: July 8th, 2023
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