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Featuring: Rhonda Baxter
Date: May 7th, 2017
Photos: 55
Rhonda Baxter's life is very different now compared to her years of being on magazine covers. She's been a happily married mom since her retirement. Our last contact with Rhonda was out of nowhere in 2003 when she emailed to touch base. We sent her some back issues per her request. In most cases, you can't take all of the model completely out of the girl. Rhonda didn't have any of her issues and she seemed to be proud of her layouts when she received the magazines we sent her. "God made me a voluptuous woman," Rhonda said in 1995. "And I enjoy being one!" Rhonda didn't have an exact bra size when she was asked how busty she was. "It varies on my cycle, from 44DDD to 44EE or 44F." It was announced in May '95 SCORE that Rhonda would sail on the second Boob Cruise in August, 1995 and that created a lot of excitement. Unfortunately for everyone before the details were finalized, Rhonda had to cancel.

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