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One of the 20 Greatest Naturals of the 1990s

Featuring: Rhonda Baxter
Date: May 30th, 2020
Photos: 70
"The cup size of my breasts varies on my cycle, from 44DDD to 44EE or 44F," Rhonda Baxter explained. Over time, Rhonda put on a little weight and that translated to bigger boobs. This shoot was produced in London in September 1995 when she was 22 years old. The May 1995 issue of SCORE magazine informed readers that Rhonda would go on the second SCORE Boob Cruise in August, 1995. To everyone's disappointment, it didn't happen. She would have been a lively cruise mate, given her bubbly personality. Quite a few readers of Voluptuous wrote (back in the day of stamped paper letters) that they bought the magazine specifically to collect her pictorials. Years later, Rhonda was called one of the "Twenty Greatest Naturals" for a special issue of September 2001 SCORE.

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