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Rhonda Baxter: Venus In Lace

Featuring: Rhonda Baxter
Date: June 10th, 2021
Photos: 70
Rhonda Baxter was an extremely popular Voluptuous magazine model in the 1990s. Every V-Man loved her lovely, friendly face. Those large, fleshy tits, full-moon ass and shapely legs and feet. She put on some weight throughout the 1990s and much of it went to her chest. These pictures of her in a lacey evening gown and the Palm Springs car wash video were shot in 1993 when Rhonda was at her slimmest. Her last shoot was in 1998, and in those pictures, Rhonda's breasts are at their biggest. All of the photographers in London and America loved working with Rhonda. Easygoing and helpful, she never had the "strictly business" attitude. Her welcoming personality combined with her looks and sensational body gave her tremendous charisma. She closed out her modeling career for marriage, family and the proverbial happily-ever-after life.

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