Ricki Raxxx: Waiting

Ricki Raxxx: Waiting

"The advantages of large boobs is that they are great eye-candy and fun to play with. The disadvantage is that everyone's wife hates me," Ricki Raxxx said in 2002, the year of her debut in October 2002 SCORE.

It's nothing personal. Most wives or girlfriends don't want their guys throwing dollar bills or higher denominations at shapely exotic dancers when they could be home power-washing the driveway.

This set of photos of Ricki wearing a men's white shirt was suggested by SCORE's publisher. The horny girl waiting in the bedroom for her guy to get home. She's not watching TV, reading or doing anything but waiting for him to get home and walk into the bedroom. It's like the scene from the first James Bond movie Dr. No when he walks into his apartment and finds a beautiful girl wearing one of his shirts and playing with his golf putter.
Featuring: Ricki Raxxx
Date: October 13th, 2022
Photos: 30

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