The Sexy Rack of Ricki Raxxx

The Sexy Rack of Ricki Raxxx

"My fetish is size," Ricki Raxxx said. "I have a big-breast fetish. Big breasts and big butts. Sexually, I am passive, although I may not look it. I often initiate sex because I get impatient. I think I have fulfilled all my fantasies. I very rarely masturbate."

Ricky began stripping at 18 years old at a club called The Filly Corral (a great name) in Smithton, Pennsylvania. She could have easily gone the feature dancing route but she didn't, despite the many offers she got from agents and clubs. Three years later in 2002, Ricki was at SCORE. This set was published in the October 2002 edition.

We didn't see Ricki after that shoot in 2002 for years, and then in the biggest comeback in SCORE history, Ricki returned in 2021 with super-sized 44M-cup tits. That surprise drove SCORE readers completely out of their minds.

"Ricki Raxxx is fully stunning and knows how to showcase her insane hotness in all her poses and movements. There is an electricity, beauty,…
Featuring: Ricki Raxxx
Date: October 15th, 2022
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