An American Big Bust Legend

An American Big Bust Legend

Although Roberta Pedon pre-dated SCORE magazine, she became a legendary and elusive big-bust figure over the decades.

Roberta first began posing in 1973. Supposedly her true interest was in commercial art work. Roberta favored the Bohemian free-spirit look in clothes and lifestyle.

Photographers Bob Ellison and John Kirk are credited with discovering Roberta in California.

Roberta had a small role in the totally crazy sexploitation movie Delinquent Schoolgirls (1974) directed by Gregory Corarito and starring mainstream actor Michael Pataki.

Over the years, Roberta attained mythic dimensions. The photographers who lensed her greatly enjoyed working with her, not just for her fabulous body, which insured a sale, but for her laid back, everything is groovy attitude. A type of personality that has all but vanished decades later, along with Miss Pedon, whose fate and whereabouts are two of the bigger mysteries in big bust modeling history. Depending on what someone writes…
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Date: October 6th, 2018
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Member Comments

5 months ago 
Roberta remained a favorite for me for quite a few years during the late 80s and 90s while in college.
1 year ago 
I absolutely LOVE Roberta. I'm partial to the 70's era super busty girls (who wouldn't be super busty by today's standards) and she's up at the top of the list - so pretty, so busty, thin, and great hair.

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