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A Clean Kitchen & Soapy Tits

Featuring: Ruth Tyler
Date: August 12th, 2017
Photos: 50
Ruth Tyler didn't smile or look at the camera in her video, instructed by the cameraman to look at her body, not at him. But in her photo shoots, Ruth had a beaming, wide smile. Here she does some washing up with rubber gloves in the studio kitchen. Her dress and corset come off as she soaps up, getting down to her stockings and high-heeled shoes. Ruth wasn't a professional model and only posed a few times after she was approached by a photographer. She worked as a massage therapist with an edge. That edge was giving her clients a happy ending, and she was OK with telling that to a reporter. She told The Sunday Sport that she had wanked over 5,000 men. Since she was 32 at the time and had been a masseuse for 15 years since she was 17, that meant she had wanked 333 dicks a year. Surprisingly Ruth didn't have an overdeveloped right or left arm although challenging her to an arm wrestling contest wouldn't be a good idea, we don't think.

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August 14, 2017
Damn she is so much my type. Never fails to get my motor running and into high gear.
And she has beautiful eyes, for the videographer to pass on a smoldering look from Ruth to the video viewer is criminal. I was going to say borderline, but nope, it was fully criminal.

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