No Bra Can Hold Sammie's Mountains

No Bra Can Hold Sammie's Mountains

Sammie Black held a regular job in an office and lived at home with her mother. But Sammie was not a regular girl. Sammie is the proud yet unassuming possessor of a pair of breasts that rivals the greatest models in the world.

When Sammie's first pictures were published, reader reactions ranged from glee to shock. The editors, photographers and publishing technicians who have seen every type, size and shape of tits for many years were also floored by Sammie.

Sammie was quickly offered more modeling assignments and she was invited on the 4th Boob Cruise that sailed in late March, 1998 to various ports in the Caribbean. Although very quiet and shy, she was a hit with the passengers.
Featuring: Sammie Black
Date: April 26th, 2018
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