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Slinky Sex Kitten

Featuring: Sana Fey
Date: June 17th, 2021
Photos: 75
Before she became Sana Fey, this slinky sex kitten went to Catholic school, then took her first job as an aerobics and Pilates instructor teaching over 30 classes a week. In need of more money, she started dancing at a topless bar. She met the late agent Hal Guthu and started dancing and modeling. "I'm very sexual," Sana told SCORE's editor in 1996. "I have to have sex five times a day. Call me a nymphomaniac. When I go on the road dancing, I'm going to have to carry a couple of vibrators. I have to have it constantly, I'm telling you. I finally found a boyfriend who's as sexually charged as me, so now it's great! We'll have sex a couple of times in the morning, he'll wake me up at midnight. It's best in the morning.

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