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Sheila Stone: Lust For Bust

Featuring: Sheila Stone
Date: April 29th, 2021
Photos: 55
Curvy natural Sheila Stone and Michael J. Cox get it on in this photo set from their 1993 hardcore video. In keeping with the restrictions imposed by the distributors and retailers controlling the magazine market back then, this is a softcore shoot without any penetration, sometimes called "point of impact" because it shows the cock just about to enter the girl's mouth and pussy. Sheila said that men responded more to her as a porn performer than an exotic dancer. She did porn to draw more attention to her dancing at clubs around the country. She enjoyed making hardcore movies and said that if she'll do a sex act in her private life, she would do it on-camera. She would often get asked by guys if she was a prostitute because of the porn and dancing, a common misperception. In her everyday life, she rarely dolled up and usually was not recognized by guys who saw her movies or her shows at the strip clubs.

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