Britain's Big Boob Legend

Britain's Big Boob Legend

Call it fate, destiny, happenstance or the random order of life, how Stacy Owen came to become a top model in Great Britain was the result of going out for a night of fun.

Stacy Owen and her girlfriend Shona MacTavish, who would also become a popular model, were two Scottish babes partying in London one night in 1987. They made their way to the legendary Stringfellows, one of the hottest clubs in town.

Dancing their hearts out, they had the males there bewitched. While dancing with one gentleman, she told him she was a model after he asked her what she did for work. That man turned out to be Peter Kay, one of the best glamor photographers of those years. A week later, Stacy was naked for the first time for his camera.

The buzz about the new girl in town led to all of the top photographers in London booking her, from John Graham to Donald Milne. Stacy became a star in a few short months and would continue to pose until 1991. Not a long run when you look at other girls such as Kerry…
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