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Bathing Beauty

Featuring: Suzanne Brecht
Date: June 28th, 2017
Photos: 75
Denmark's Suzanne Brecht was the star attraction at the bank she worked in. Danish models tend to not be naturally big-boobed so Suzanne was a rarity. We know because we have looked for them for years. If there are Danish girls with big tits, they don't get naked on-camera. When she was spotted by a photographer, he knew he had to make a move so he did. At first, she was a Page 9 girl in the Danish newspaper Ekstrabladetn. Shortly thereafter, Suzanne decided to make the jump to nudity and became a sought after girl for the crowded men's magazine field. Her pictorials were published and re-republished on an international scale, sometimes under fake names given to her by the magazine editors. This pictorial has Suzanne bathing (which she also does in the video). She was a breast and figure model and did nothing sexual in her shoots.

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