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On The Way To Becoming Tawny Peaks

Featuring: Tawny Peaks
Date: May 31st, 2017
Photos: 60
There was a French rock band that called itself Busty Dusty and there's a rock band that's called Tawny Peaks. Neither of them has any female members with big tits. Tawny was discovered on a model search trip to Daytona, Florida by big boob hunters publisher John Fox and photographer John Graham. Before she became Tawny, she approached them and wanted to model. Later on, this pouty, tiny brunette supersized her tits. It was a huge trend in both the strip club circuit and in the crowded field of big tit men's magazines of the early 1990s. Tawny had the right anatomy to handle it. She also became a hit on TV talk shows, which only spread her fame. She sailed on the Boob Cruise only once, the first trip in 1994 with Lisa Lipps, Europe DiChan, Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe. Tawny felt that most of the audience never realized how much work went into the stage shows the super-sized girls created in strip clubs such as Flashdancers and Private Eyes.

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