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The Girl With Bang-me Eyes

Featuring: Teresa
Date: September 13th, 2018
Photos: 65
One of the great beauties, Czech model Teresa appeared in several European porn films under various names in the mid-90s. She also appeared in a number of SCORE videos. This pictorial was one of Teresa's earliest for SCORE, photographed before she traveled to The Bahamas and sailed on Boob Cruise 1995. The Boob Cruise was a very different experience for Teresa. "At first I was very scared of the men, because they were so different culturally from me. But as I got to meet them, they were all nice, friendly and they loved to take pictures. That was my favorite part. Posing. I liked that the best." By the second half of the decade, Teresa had moved on, like many girls, with no forwarding address. .

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