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Teresa Brought European Flavor To SCORE

Featuring: Teresa
Date: April 2nd, 2020
Photos: 70
Teresa's in London on a library set and her dress has a goody-two-shoes librarian look to it but, thankfully, it comes off quickly. SCORE's art director at the time described Teresa on the Boob Cruise in 1995 as "Very cat-like. Piercing eyes, graceful, sometimes cool and aloof while at other times warm and cuddly." Teresa wasn't a dancer, unlike the majority of the girls who attended the cruises, and didn't have the experience in 24-7 socializing with lots of guys that club girls have. Plus her command of English was limited, but her European sweetness and gentle manners impressed everyone. Teresa was not a partyer on that cruise like SaRenna Lee and Europe DiChan but when she was posing for the professional and passenger photo shoots, she was totally absorbed in the moment. .

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