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Hot Pants & Shiny Black Thigh-high Boots

Featuring: Tianna Thomas
Date: August 29th, 2020
Photos: 60
Tianna Thomas entered numerous beauty contests long before she became a stripper. "That was my mom," Tianna said. "She liked having me in all of those pageants when I was younger." Tianna made the jump to dancing in strip clubs in Wisconsin and elsewhere. "I love it," she told a SCORE editor. "It's so much fun traveling and meeting guys. It's really a great job, if you can call it a job." Before 21-year-old Tianna became a SCORE Girl, she posed in 1994, at the age of nineteen, for a freelance photographer in Los Angeles. That set eventually made its way to the desk of a TSG editor and was published in February 1997 Naughty Neighbors magazine.

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