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Tina Cheri: The Blonde in Black Stockings

Featuring: Tina Cheri
Date: November 19th, 2020
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"When I was shooting this layout for SCORE, John Graham told me to do a slow striptease and assume the position but he didn't tell me which one," Tina said. "I just pretended I was having sex and chose the positions I like the best. I love getting it from behind. I just love that position. To have my legs spread, my pussy opened and a man pushing himself deep inside me really hard so that I can hear him slapping against my ass drives me wild." At 5'2" and 108 pounds, even a short porn stud could pick Tina up like a doll and pound the shit out of her. Tina returned to SCORE magazine in the July 1997 edition for a "Caught in The Act" photo spread shot on stage at the Booby Trap club in Pompano Beach, Florida and in the November 2003 issue. She'd come, or is that "cum," a long way since her languid 1994 solo video in which she was directed by the videographer to not look at the camera.

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