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Secretary of Stacked

Featuring: Toppsy Curvey
Date: December 6th, 2018
Photos: 80
Toppsy Curvey is the super-stacked secretary of big boobs in this pictorial, filmed during Toppsy's brunette phase. Toppsy had an interesting point-of-view about her career as a feature dancer. 25 years ago in 1993, Toppsy told a SCORE editor, "I consider my fans my husbands. When they come to see me, I give them my full attention, just like I would a husband. To some people that sounds strange, but I'm married to the business. Now, it doesn't mean we have sex. I just give them a lot of attention like every wife gives their husband. "From what I've seen in men, and believe me, I see a lot more than most women, men aren't seeking a lot of sexual advances when they come to see me. They're seeking entertainment. A lot of them aren't as promiscuous as we all think.

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March 26, 2021
This shoot truly knocks me out....goddess of my dreams~please, if there are more pictorials of this crazy gorgeous model in the vault,...please unleash....pretty please

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