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Spread Out For Toppsy

Featuring: Toppsy Curvey
Date: December 8th, 2018
Photos: 90
Toppsy Curvey was content to do her stage shows, run out on the baseball diamond to accost pitchers and do her magazine and video modeling. She reacted to the idea of hardcore porn like the bride of Dracula looking at a crucifix. "I don't speak about my sex life!" Toppsy said. "I'm a very private person. I'm a one-man woman. That's the truth. You ask me and I'll tell you. To have a good relationship, you must always be someone's friend. That's important, because you can always improve the lover in people, but it's hard to improve a friendship. You're either friends or you're not.

What Members are saying about this update...

March 26, 2021
This goddess was pure essence of my dreams 90s, I so wished to have ran into a honey like Toppsy...her look and every curve and nuance and styling is incredible...truly stunning and more than ever
March 01, 2021
This model is crazy beautiful and a dream now as much as then... Love the extraordinary beauty, styling, expressions and TAN LINES!!
January 30, 2019
Beautiful this set of Toppsy is over the top love the shoes
fetish perfect for Rocket Lock Load Stroke OH what a feeling
so sweet :) xoxox

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