A Bouncing Busty Baseball Fan

A Bouncing Busty Baseball Fan

Sunday, July 28, 1991. The place: Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York. The baseball teams: Yanks vs. Angels. Attendance: 36,302, plus one flashy blonde with huge tits, clad in shorts and wearing a bulky jacket over a white T-shirt. She is sitting in Seat 6, Row 5, Box 27, Section 9, Yankee side of home plate. She waits to make her move.

Top of the second inning. Angels on first and second base. Yankee rookie Scott Kamienicki is pitching. A dancer named Toppsy Curvey bolts her seat and dashes to the mound to kiss him on the cheek. The crowd goes crazy

Seconds later, she is taken away by two Burns security guards, and later gets a summons for trespassing. "I never saw a baseball player blush like today. He [Kamienicki] really blushed. That made my day," said Toppsy, who is actually apologetic. She is outside the stadium signing autographs. "I try to do it usually right after the National Anthem, so I don't disrupt the game. But this time the traffic tied us up." Toppsy is in New York to…
Featuring: Toppsy Curvey
Date: December 31st, 2022
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