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Traci Burr: Titty Tugger

Featuring: Traci Burr
Date: June 4th, 2017
Photos: 40
Traci Burr was mainly photographed in London but she didn't start there. An American living in California, Traci explained how she wound up tugging her big, pliable tits, masturbating her hair-lined pussy and more. "How did I get into modeling? I was at a lingerie party and the door prize was a photo shoot at Personal Pin-up In San Diego. From there, the photographer introduced me to SCORE's director of photography and I was flown to London. "I love having big tits and the idea that someone wanted to do all that, pick up my transportation and meals and pay me for playing with my boobs and pussy was very appealing. I think every woman with big tits should try it but I know not everyone gets picked and most women don't have the nerve. I was in the right place at the right time." Having a succulent pussy and asshole helps too. .

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