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When Tracy West Ruled The Magazine Racks

Featuring: Tracy West
Date: May 25th, 2019
Photos: 67
Tracy's pictorials were published and republished in so many magazines worldwide, and not only in big-tit titles, and under so many different names (Morganna, Lilian, Tracy James and more) that a complete compilation of her shoots would be an extensive research project. Wrote John Fox, the editor of Gent magazine when Tracy was active, "In late 1991, Tracy was back in the studio for what would prove to be her final shoot with us. She was now more comfortable showing pink, but she had obviously lost some of her youthful fullness and her breasts had lost a cup size. Soon after these photos were taken, Tracy married and gave up modeling. If her goal was to vanish without a trace, she has done a good job of it. None of the British photographers we spoke to about her claim to have the slightest idea of her whereabouts." .

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