Tan-lined Tits & Big Areolae

Tan-lined Tits & Big Areolae

Valerie Fields from Minnesota first posed for SCORE in October, 1993. Valerie sailed on her only Boob Cruise in 1997. A very low-key girl with a beautiful face and a slim and stacked figure, Valerie was one of the twenty finalists in a contest called Who's The Fairest? (February 2001 SCORE).

Valerie was an exotic dancer. She lived in New York and would dance in Philadelphia when the mood struck her. She also danced during the Boob Cruise on the deck of the ship.

In 1998, Valerie did a softcore boy-girl shoot, but only agreed to it on three conditions: Her boyfriend (who wore a Zorro-style mask) would be her partner; it would not be hardcore; and there would be no video version. Valerie also did a softcore threesome with Melody Foxxe and the same dude. That scene was also never shot on video.
Featuring: Valerie Fields
Date: February 17th, 2022
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