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A Day With Via Paxton

Featuring: Via Paxton
Date: June 22nd, 2017
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SCORE CEO John Fox said about Via Paxton's big boobs, "The best-proportioned, best-looking breasts I've ever seen!" From someone with John's background of twenty years in big-bust magazine production, starting with Gent magazine, this quote was equivalent to Neil Armstrong's "That's one small step for a man.." So taken was John that Via became the covergirl for both September 1999 SCORE and Voluptuous, and a video titled "A Day With Via Paxton" was produced. It was a breast-seller on VHS, then the most-popular format of home video. Via's discovery was a case of incredible luck. She wasn't looking to model in men's magazines. A reader spotted Via in a Chicago bookstore and chatted her up. Most guys would check out a girl like this and resume their browsing. Via paid attention to his suggestion about modeling and believed him instead of calling store security. Via's photographer said a year after her debut. "Via's a fast learner. She didn't know much about modeling when she first started in 1999, but at this point, she was very accomplished and knew how to pose to make herself look her best.

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