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Vicky/Victoria: An Everyday Extraordinary Woman

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Date: November 28th, 2020
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Victoria, or Vicky or Vicky R. as she was known in Voluptuous magazine, was a British lady with big, natural boobs and a fertile-looking body. Her overall body shape fit well into Voluptuous. She made one video, a masturbation scene with a toy. Speaking about her decision to do that scene, Vicky said, "I thought about it for a while. Then I just let the idea pass. To be truthful, I was skittish about doing such a personal thing for all men to see. But, then you asked me again, and later on again, and the thought began to intrigue me more and more. When I would masturbate at home, I began to look at myself in the large mirror in my bedroom. And when I saw how many girls are doing it, like Susie Wilden, Chloe, Chaz, Amanda White and Linsey, the more I realized that I should do it.

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