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Wendy Whoppers' Wet Whoppers

Featuring: Wendy Whoppers
Date: December 10th, 2016
Photos: 40
Before she was Wendy Whoppers, she was Tommy Tatas. The tiny blonde increased her boob size several times to become Wendy. Before she became Tommy and Wendy, she was working at three jobs. One day she went to a strip club to apply for a cocktail server job. The management offered her a dancing job. She watched the girls on stage for several nights and then decided to try it. She made more cash her first night than she earned a week at all three jobs combined. That was it. Years later at porno industry expos, Wendy Whoppers caused pandemonium..just by being Wendy Whoppers. The pandemonium was jacked up considerably with her bosom buddy Lisa Lipps by her side.

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