Teenage Teaser's Layout

Teenage Teaser's Layout

After sending in several photos taken at home, 18-year-old Winona Lind appeared in the April 1995 edition of SCORE, in a feature for amateur hopefuls called Homebodies. Few girls made the leap to an actual photo layout simply because they didn't have big enough boobs. Winona made that leap.

Winona had real girl-next-door looks with 36DD tits and a thick bush. The publisher and staff of SCORE saw promise in this busty teen and invited her to model. Winona flew to England where she was tutored every step of the way by director of photography John Graham. He can be heard in the unedited video of this workout, oiling and masturbation.

"Don't take any notice of me," he tells Winona as she pedals away on the stationery bicycle. This was more than a modeling session. Winona got a good workout with weights too, and, in the video, lots of healthy oiling.
Featuring: Winona Lind
Date: April 5th, 2018
Photos: 69

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1 year ago 

Photo 58 is particularly good in this series. Her slightly melancholy face, her wide-open thighs, and her pussy with its thick bush in the center line. Her pink minor labia are visible all around, forming the entrance to her pussy canal.
Her pussy is really nice!!
As mentioned above, her boobs look smaller than in the video, but they are not too bad with her hands between them from both sides. Other good photos that remind me a lot of the video are photos 18, 19, 27, 2 8, 40, etc.
The relationship between her charming and beautiful face as she turns around and her soft, sagging, natural big boobs is good.
Photo 26, which shows her on all fours with her legs spread wide, taken from behind and upward, is also excellent. Her bilateral thighs, buttocks, asshole, pussy crack, pink minor labia protruding from them, soft natural big tits hanging down, and her beautiful face are all seen at an angle line to the right of the screen, which is fantastic.
However, I find all of the pictures lacking compared to the scenes in her video.
So I hook up my computer to a big screen TV and watch her bouncing big natural tits and her big spread pussy on the big screen of the TV. Then I take a still picture of the video at a good scene and shoot it with my iPhone and furthermore print it out to A3 size with my computer, frame it and display it on the wall of my study room for my enjoyment. This is because she is one of my favorite models.

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