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Dreams Are Made of Zoryna

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Date: February 27th, 2021
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The last time we saw Zoryna Dreams was at the 1997 Consumer Electronics Show. Zoryna was dressed conservatively, not unlike the businesswoman she is playing in this pictorial. She was handing out flyers on the crowded show floor for her now-closed online adult store. She was an impressive, shapely woman you could easily spot in a room packed with people. A year after this 1991 shoot, Zoryna super-sized her tits. A prolific star of the big bust world in the States, Zoryna (pronounced Zor-e-na) was a skydiver, a mainstream movie extra and stuntwoman. She also used magic in her stage shows if the stage was big enough. She made a few hardcore videos in the early '90s for British director John Graham but stopped to concentrate on her stage shows. Zoryna moved out of sexy entertainment and became a teacher, according to the big-boob grapevine.

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