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Vintage Breasts of Britain

Date: May 8th, 2021
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London was the center of nude photography for decades. Dozens of independent and studio photographers shot thousands of photosets for the huge magazine market of the UK, Europe and America. The editors of these "books" depended on the photographers for content to meet their demanding deadlines and the photographers depended on a fresh supply of girls applying for nude modeling work. Some newspapers, such as The Sun and The Sunday Sport needed pin-up girls. The girls answered newspaper or magazine ads, were referrals or were simply approached at clubs and other public places by the photographers and their assistants (Stacy Owen was discovered this way by Peter Kay). Many of the girls were not interested in making a career out of modeling, either posing for income or on a lark. So they flocked to London, posed and went home. Whatever the reason, there was no shortage of girls willing to pose topless or go more explicit. Anne was one of those girls in this passing parade. Anne was 20 years old and came from the Newcastle area in northeastern England when she posed for this set.

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