Alexis & The Peeping Tom

Alexis & The Peeping Tom

The theme here was peeping Tom spying on Alexis Love. (That's Brit porn guy Marino playing the peeper.) This unedited, uncut video has never been shown before. You can hear John Graham directing Alexis and this adds a totally new dimension. Hearing the original audio track, when available, is pretty interesting even if it breaks the make-believe the originally released video tried to create.

"I do feel that I look pretty good for my age, and I know I have a certain sensuality," said Alexis, 43 at the time. "Add to the mix that I'm natural, and I just thought modeling would be an interesting statement to make representing women my age who haven't had surgery done to their bodies. It was difficult, deciding whether to model, because part of me wanted the exposure, but part of me didn't.

The alias Alexis Love was her third, main re-incarnation as a model. In the late '70s, she posed with dark hair under the name Rinah. Joyce Gibson was her other better-known modeling name. She did a… Read More »
Featuring: Alexis Love
Date: November 20th, 2016
Duration: 24:51

Member Comments

5 years ago 

I hope you have alot more videos of this goddess. I would love to see more. What a dreamboat Alexis Love was.

6 years ago 

Alexis Love has the best boobs on the planet!

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