Alexis May Is Not a Busty Hooker. She Just Plays One Here.

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Alexis May Is Not a Busty Hooker. She Just Plays One Here.

After SCORE editor Dave Rosenbaum interviewed Alexis May, he wrote, "If you saw Alexis May walking down the street, you wouldn't think, Porn star. After all, where's the big hair? The flashy looks? The big tits bulging out all over the place, the stripper heels and the micro mini-skirt? Where's the attitude? Because Alexis May doesn't look like your average porn star. This freckle-faced beauty from a small town near Glasgow, Scotland looks like the girl-next-door with her brown hair, sweet smile and shy demeanor."

Anthony Rosano picks up Alexis and takes her to a fantasy fuck motel so he can introduce her to American cock. This is the raw, unedited video that became part of the DVD Busty Hookers.

"That was fun, although it was broad daylight, and I was scared out of my mind that we were going to get caught," Alexis told Dave. "Fortunately, we didn't. I might have had to try to convince the police officer that I really wasn't a hooker."

After discussing her background, Dave drilled… Read More »
Featuring: Alexis May
Date: February 7th, 2023
Duration: 56:15

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