The Busty Body of Amber Brooks

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The Busty Body of Amber Brooks

"I've always liked my body." Amber Brooks said. "My mom always made me very secure about my body. She said, 'You have a beautiful body. Enjoy it. Men are going to love it.' And they do."

Amber only modeled at SCORE for a short time. She's a former stripper and webcam girl with a bra strap-snapping pair.

"I danced on and off for about six years in Houston and Las Vegas. I'm a nasty lap dancer! I'm all about grinding. My goal is to make a guy bust a nut. I'll rub my titties all over his crotch or his dick. Up and down. The laws in Houston became too strict, and for a dancer like me, that didn't work. But I still love going to the bars. I'm a titty-bar freak. I love going drinking and tipping the girls and dancing, but you can't do anything anymore because of the laws." Read More »
Featuring: Amber Brooks
Date: August 23rd, 2022
Duration: 24:40

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