A Couch Dance With Amber Brooks

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A Couch Dance With Amber Brooks

When Amber Brooks rubbed her big tits all over an innocent couch dance customer, it took all of his self-control not to pop.

"I'm a nasty lap dancer!" Amber said in her SCORE interview. "I'm all about grinding. My goal is to make a guy bust a nut. I'll rub my titties all over his crotch or his dick. Up and down. It's a fantasy to have a girl whom you barely know sit down in front of you, and she wants to rub her body all over you and rub her titties in your face."

Amber used to be a lap dancer. She quit because "The laws in Houston became too strict, and for a dancer like me, that didn't work. But I still love going to the bars. I'm a titty-bar freak. I love going drinking and tipping the girls and dancing, but you can't do anything anymore because of the laws." Read More »
Featuring: Amber Brooks
Date: October 18th, 2022
Duration: 20:54

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