Andrea's Anal Pleasure

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Andrea's Anal Pleasure

One of our SCORE shooters traveled to Hungary in the spring of 2002 where he met Andrea Butjko, a nineteen-year-old petite pixie. There was nothing petite about Andrea's natural 36DD-cup tits. He felt brunette beauty Andrea was adorable and camera-ready. He was very pleased that she agreed to model and even happier when she agreed to shoot a hardcore anal scene with a local stud. In other words, he hit the jackpot.

Andrea wasn't given any kind of script or outline, and that was just as well. She wasn't an actress. He just told her to look through a magazine in bed and masturbate. As she does so, Sasha comes into the room, finds Andrea nude under the sheets and makes a play for her while she acts coy. Sasha gets busy sucking her nipples and clit and finger-fucking her. Andrea takes his dick in her luscious mouth and between her tits. That prepares her for getting fucked in a variety of positions, climaxing in an anal pounding.

An American porn stud would have jacked himself off. Not… Read More »
Featuring: Andrea Butjko
Date: August 15th, 2023
Duration: 44:24

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