Angelique: Emergency Ward DD

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Angelique: Emergency Ward DD

This is the raw video of a scene that was part of a feature movie called Emergency Ward DD from 1997. Sana Fey, Minka, Lisa Lipps and SaRenna Lee and Candy Andes co-starred in other vignettes. The Lisa and SaRenna scene was posted at SCOREClassics as "Play Time With Lisa Lipps and SaRenna Lee."

This Angelique boy-girl with Kris is one of the Brazilian bombshell's best-remembered hardcore scenes. The end of this video includes the movie's opening set-ups. One is a doctor visiting Kris in his hospital bed. The second is window washer Kris falling off his ladder after looking through a window, peeping on Lisa and SaRenna...the reason he's in the hospital in the first place. Kris was a better stunt cock than a stunt man, for which everyone was very grateful. Read More »
Featuring: Angelique
Date: September 1st, 2020
Duration: 21:31

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