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Angelique & Natalia: Big-boob Health Care

Featuring: Angelique and Natalia
Date: October 13th, 2020
Duration: 29:50
Angelique and Natalia are nurse and patient in a replay of the better-known Angelique and Minka hospital scene that's just as hot in a different way. This time Angelique is the nurse. After a few retakes because the girls cracked up laughing, the two bra-busters get down to business. Both girls had a good time in this fantasy scene. All of the footage that was cut by an editor remains in this video straight off the original Beta tape. Natalia loves that hot Brazilian ass and tongues away, then gets to work on Angelique's pussy. The look on Angelique's face is priceless. Natalia is the more dominant of the two. Angelique repays the tongue service by licking Natalia, and following their oral examination and lots of body licking, they haul out the big cock-shaped dildo to get busy. .

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