Anna D. Caans: Chesty Country Chick

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Anna D. Caans: Chesty Country Chick

Fucking Anna D. Caans was like fucking a classmate you picked up on a college campus. She had that total look down. Looking back at the girls SCORE filmed over 20 years ago, we wondered what they would look like today. But, as pointed out by our head honcho, it's better to remember them as they were. On the other side of the coin, sometimes they come back and shoot for our mature sites. That's rare but it does happen.

Anna said that getting into adult modeling was something she heavily researched before she dipped a toe in the water. Two SCORE staffers met 22-year-old Anna in 2002 on the show floor of a crowded adult expo in Las Vegas, when the expos were at their peak years and were more business-oriented than fan focused. Anna was a college student in Austin, Texas and a part-time stripper at the time. She looked like the kind of frisky, friendly, high-energy girl who dances on bar tops. Anna made a few more videos and then went off to the Bermuda Triangle where models disappear… Read More »
Featuring: Anna D. Caans
Date: March 26th, 2024
Duration: 35:29

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